The Tin Forest

Children at St George's Primary School making art out of foil

Spring Roundup!

By Simon Sharkey, Associate Director, National Theatre of Scotland

You can’t deny that spring is well and truly here. The blossoms and blooms are everywhere and the promise of summer is in the air. The days are longer, the birds are rising earlier and people’s clothes and faces are brighter.

In The Tin Forest, things are blooming brilliantly as well.

I’ve been doing the rounds and catching up with all the artists and the rest of the team on how plans are shaping up. It’s truly inspiring, a little bit daunting, but ultimately unbearably exciting to see all the hard work take shape in the promise of some amazing events across the world, across Scotland and across Glasgow.

In Govan, we’ve had a sneak preview of the bandstand- it’s beautiful and will be a memorable centrepiece to the Govan Fair celebrations this year.

In Springburn, more people are getting involved and the script is being shaped by the Springburn writers- I can’t wait to see the cast bring the Springburn stories to life.

In the South West, the St Andrew Church has opened its doors to house the Penilee Tin Forest- junk, songs and a full-on party are promised.

In the East End we have been recording hundreds of voices to form a chorus of Glaswegians belting out a brilliant song that will be our finale.

Across the world everyone is gearing up with their shows and getting ready to come to Glasgow. I can’t wait to welcome you all in person.

Preparations for the South Rotunda, mean that we will be putting up our set soon and having a sneak preview of the experience that you will have in this most amazing show.

It’s going to be a great month!

(photo of children at St Georges Primary School in South West Glasgow getting creative for The Tin Forest).

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