The Tin Forest

The Projects: The South Rotunda

The South Rotunda emblem

Finnieston St by the Squinty Bridge, Tue 22July – Sun 3 Aug 2014

All branches of The Tin Forest led to the South Rotunda…

A monument to Victorian age Glaswegian engineering ingenuity and an iconic fixture on the Clydeside, the distinctive South Rotunda has been seen from the outside by many, on the inside by only a few. Built in 1896 as a pioneering commuter tunnel running under the Clyde, the building has lain derelict for 25 years – until now. Like The Tin Forest from the story, the South Rotunda was re-imagined and transformed into a magical puppet labyrinth, a cavernous art and performance space and a home for our ten day festival of your stories, dreams and wishes, drawn from Glasgow and around the world.

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