The Tin Forest

The Projects: International Performing Company

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There was once a wide windswept place,
home to Workers, Dreamers, Players, Travellers and the Forgotten…

1 company – 90 young people – 5 groups – 6 locations – 1 city

Inspired by The Tin Forest story and by a string of iconic Clydeside landmarks, The Tin Forest International Performing Company brought Glasgow’s riverside to life over three special days in July 2014.

90 young theatre makers from across the Commonwealth formed 5 groups, representing the people – past and present – who have lived in and passed through Glasgow:
the Forgotten, the Workers, the Dreamers, the Players and the Travellers.

Each group created a piece of pop-up theatre inspired by a riverside landmark.

From Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd July, the groups roamed across the city to connect and perform at each other’s locations, animating Glasgow’s streets and spaces and public places they travelled.

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