The Tin Forest

Auckland Skyline

Near Nowhere in Auckland

The farthest flung Tin Forest group is Fan Fiction from Auckland, New Zealand who are not a run-of-the-mill group of theatre makers. They do something a little different. Made up of a consortium of young stand up comedians, Fan Fiction choose characters from literature, television, film, pop culture or even current news stories and write short alternative pieces of fiction for them.

Their only rules are: you must be a fan and whatever you write is complete fiction. Forexample, one of the members is obsessed with Home and Away and Home Alone, creating a piece aptly named Home , Alone and Away! Each piece is written on the day, so it’s always fresh and current.

To say the group are excited about being selected to perform as part of The Tin Forest Theatre Festival would be an understatement. Look out for more from our Fan Fictioners over the coming months…

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