The Tin Forest

children at the winter gardens in Springburn

Lighting up Springburn

Over 300 people ventured out to the Winter Gardens in Springburn on Thursday 20 March to celebrate the first day of Spring and take part in The Tin Forest Light Up Event.

Local people of all ages brought their homemade recycled lanterns, swapped stories and made their way past storytellers, up towards the Winter Gardens. Lanterns were placed along the paths representing people’s wishes, promises, hopes and dreams for the future.

storytellers reading the Tin Forest

As the community of Springburn gathered around their Winter Gardens, there were gasps of surprise as the building lit up and a Tin Forest tree began to grow up the building.

The Winter Gardens in Springburn lit by the national theatre of scotland

The tree animation was created by digital artist Jules Gompertz who used textures made by Saracen Primary School pupils inspired by patterns found on seeds. Two of the pupils involved in this work were performers on the night and planted a ceremonial seed to start the visual experience. The musical score was created by Tom deMajo in collaboration with pupils from Balornock Primary School and students from Glasgow Kelvin College. The stories along the pathways were collected from community members and the Springburn Writers group.

children make wishes in the tin Forest

Thank you to everyone who made this happen, especially the people of Springburn who braved the cold to celebrate their community.

Another Light Up Event happened simultaneously in the East End, visit us again soon to find out how we lit up Beardmore Park.

tin forest lantern

a boy at the sprindburn light up

rocks turn into seeds

the winter gardens in the day time

Springburn Light Upredux

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