The Tin Forest

Rag and Bone man playing guitar

Join us in the forest factory in South West Glasgow

This week will see the St Andrew Penilee Parish Church transformed into The Tin Forest Southwest ‘Forest Factory’ for Willie’s last day at work. Willie is an industrial worker and now he’s entering retirement. You’re invited to come and join him on his last day at work, get your overalls on and go through his final shift with him.

Last weekend local people celebrating Penilee Gala Day were recruited as ‘employee’ audience members to work a shift at The Forest Factory.

The Gala Day started with the crowning of the Queen. The celebrations then moved out onto the street as a procession of representatives from local clubs and groups followed the Queen’s horse and cart and the St Francis’s Pipe Band.

Penilee queen on horse and cart

St Francis pipe band playing the pipes

After talking to families on the street about all things Tin Forest, the Rag and Bone Man and Willie practiced some songs and stories outside the community centre.

Willie and the Rag and Bone Man

Willie and the Rag and Bone Man

Inside, the Rag and Bone Man and Willie set up camp. They invited potential recruits, both young and old, to try on some overalls for size in preparation for a shift in the Forest Factory. They exchanged stories and wishes in exchange for sweets before gathering a crowd for some storytelling. The story of the Tin Forest was told, before Willie sang his song and the Rag and Bone Man broke into an absurd musical tale about a pigeon.

Southwest Community Gala 46

The afternoon ended with a dance and a good old fashioned sing song….

Find out more and get your tickets for The Tin Forest SouthWest here.

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