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Dear Glasgow report: Gender inequality

On 31 July 2014, as part of The Tin Forest festival, the people of Glasgow were invited to attend Dear Glasgow. Here they were asked to discuss the burning issues in their city. The discussion groups were set by the participants themselves; Tolerance and Multiculturalism, Gender Inequality, Children and Young People, Work, the Independence Referendum, the Environment and Mental Health.

Here’s what the Gender Inequality Group discussed…

All the opinions expressed here are those of participants of Dear Glasgow and not necessarily those of the National Theatre of Scotland or its partners.


Action points

  • Gender classes at school
  • Representation classes
  • Humans make a judgement on people in two seconds we need to overlook that and look at the person as a whole and make our decision.
  • Bringing gender issues to the stage
  • Not stand for heavily Photoshopped images in media


Contributor’s quotes from the discussion

“We are equal, We are dreaming.”

““I have a dream” not to feel less important around the world because I am a woman”

“In some countries cows are more important than woman”

“I have a dream for woman not to feel shamed for their actions”

“Transgender life decisions and acceptance to be who you are”

“I have a dream that there is no longer rape.”

“To live in a world where woman and young girls’ bodies are accepted no matter what they choose to be like.”

“How can I help my children to be the person I can’t be?”

“Bikini waxes for 9 year olds?!”

“I have a dream where there is not a “normal” body.”

“A dream where men are released from the shackles of their masculinity”

“People shouldn’t treat me like a woman because I’m a gay man.”

“Why cant men buy flowers? It’s ridiculous”

“It’s okay to have feelings. You are human”

“Men can be given more opportunities”

Cultural oppressions…

“Girls can’t be clever only boys can be clever girls can only be beautiful “ four years old.

“Media suggests that there is already equality”

“Disney princesses promise girls happy endings when they meet their prince.”

“Think about how you present yourself to the world”


“Maternity and paternity leave not equal”

“If you’re a boy you are a player if you are a girl you are a slut.”

“Woman should be able to live a fully sexual life and not be labelled”

“Year five girls are struggling with domestic tasks too as well as homework.”

When we say gender what do we mean?

“I have a dream walk down the street at any time of day and feel safe.”

“A world where rape jokes won’t be okay”

“Putting the blame of the victims”

“The way you dress”

“Called a feminist for not having a sense of humour”

“A lot of women want their position in the world to be beautiful”

“3% of woman work in media jobs where they get to make a decision”

“Whatever you say nowadays is a risk”

“Taking responsibility in what we say”

“Majority of woman don’t find rape jokes funny at all”

“What is the reaction these people want?”

“Young people don’t know the consequence of what they say until they are in a relationship with a woman who says this is not okay.”

“Boys and girls at school need to know they are equal”

“Never given a row for saying “that’s so gay””

“Some teachers in England feel that speaking about homosexuality in schools is illegal”

“I have a dream that if people use the term “that’s gay” someone will teach them it’s wrong”

“I had a dream religion didn’t dominate the world”

Give encouragement…

“It’s fine for men to think this way as they hold doors open for woman”

“Gender classes in the work place”

“It all stems from confidence to be your own person”




“Role models”

“Childcare not being seen as an actual job”

“Over sexualised young people”

“Young men need to be educated”

“Never spoke to dad about growing up or sex but would speak to mates at school”

“Different upbringings”

“Comedy shows having rape jokes”

“Sticking your neck out for what is right”

“It’s not about what gender gets the job it’s about everyone getting an equal opportunity to get the job”

“Where do you go when you leave university?”

“Being made aware of more female power role models to give woman ambition”

“Things come back to our role models and give more exposure to those whom who have obtained power jobs”

“Mediate the representation of what the human body type should be”



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