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A Right Good Blether

As we build The Tin Forest across Glasgow, just as the old man in the story filled his forest with the sounds of buzzing insects and singing birds, we wanted to fill our Tin Forest with the sounds of Glaswegians. And what better way to do that than with a good old-fashioned blether?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been popping up in cafes all across Glasgow with Blether, our interactive theatre event. Audience participants sat at tables with strangers, given tea, coffee, cake and a menu of conversation questions. The servers guided the experience in which people were introduced to The Tin Forest story, the rules of the Blether cafe, and what has influenced all of the “dishes” on our menu. The audience then chose one question for each course; a starter, main, and dessert. The orders were taken and audiences answered the questions selected. Participants chimed in with ideas or memories or questions that came up while stories were being shared.

People in the Blether cafe talking and eating

The people we met in the South West Glasgow, Springburn, Govan, and the East End had many stories to share! We met a 73 year old woman whose best idea was to go skydiving, a man who did some yodeling, a woman who invented tools to construct reeds for bagpipes, we heard many thoughts around the upcoming referendum, tales of the best windswept parks for taking dogs on walks across the city, a range of party songs from One Direction’s Story of My Life to Gene Pitney’s 24 Hours to Tulsa, the construction of the world’s worst racecar called “The McGowan”, selling wool in a heat wave, purchasing a new home, feeling forgotten, losing loved ones, and proudly completing a 1,000 piece puzzle.

A Belther waitress discussing the menu with the audience

Strangers became friends, people laughed with one another, a few tears were shed, and a whole lot of songs were sung. Bit by bit our forest is taking shape and it’s looking to be a magical place for people all around the globe to enjoy!

By Sarah Rose Graber

A waiter at the Blether cafe discusses the menu

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