The Tin Forest

Physical Theatre Scotland

International Theatre Festival Thursday 24 July

The new second floor of the South Rotunda will be alive with brand new theatre pieces from across the Commonwealth in the evenings of Thursday 24th to Monday 28th July.

After the puppets in the ground floor have closed up shop for the night, young theatre makers will take to the stage to present productions inspired by The Tin Forest story and by the phrase “from nowhere….to somewhere.”

The first of these shows will be performed by Physical Theatre Scotland and theatrEX Bangladesh.

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Physical Theatre Scotland present A Bridge to Nowhere
Thursday 24th July at 7.30pm

Two young people strive to escape what they think holds them back before coming to ask; could our ‘nowhere’ be somebody else’s ‘somewhere’?

We thought Glasgow’s famous folly, the ‘bridge to no-where’ was unique – but there are hundreds of similar architectural leaps in space that have no apparent purpose.

Using words, gibberish and physical image we will try to find a common language, a visual, physical argot that builds bridges, crosses divides and moves us into our future.



theatrEX Bangladesh present Dokkhina Sundari
Thursday 24th July ay 9.15pm

Dokkhina Sundari tells the story of primordial living and eternal aspirations in the southern part of Bangladesh. This is home to the famous Sundarbans (the world’s largest mangrove forest) and its unique bio-geo-cultural diversity which has existed for hundreds of years.

The performance features epic narrations, conversations, prose, poetry, lyrics and music in a unique form of expressivity. It will explore local myths, legends, fairy tales and parables to unfold a story of the crisis of living within the context of corporatised globalisation.

You can find out about all the International Theatre Festival performances and book tickets here.

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