The Tin Forest

actor wearing white and red hat

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Thursday 24 July

A Bridge to Nowhere by Physical Theatre Scotland

Performers: Calum Campbell, William Coleman, Svenja Czubayko, Raquel Grela, Mary Ann Mckelvie, Izzy Stott, Christian Smith and Marie Yan

Director: Simon Abbott

actors in a line

actors in a group

actor under plastic sheet green background

actors in front of large green background

actors pulling each other

Dokkhina Sundari by theatrEX Bangladesh

Performers: Nusrat Sarmin, Syeda Ifat Ara, Mst Mahjabin Islam, Atikur Rahman and Jumman Sadiq

Writer: Shahman Moishan
Director: Sudip Chakroborthy

actor with arms out stretched

man and woman lying on stage

actor wearing white and red hat


actor in rainbow coloured costume and large head dress

Photos by Tim Morozzo

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