The Tin Forest

6 actors in a line leaning to the side

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Saturday 26 July

Bubble Wrap by Aberdeen Performing Arts Company

Performers: Kirsty Florence, Megan Geddes, Ellie Hope, Michael Lorsong, Thea Mayeux, Calum Moore, Saileiti Songue, Maddy Stanley and Stephen Will

Director: Claire Davidson
Set Designer: Rachel Macallan
Lighting Designer/Technician: Alan Seymour

actors in a line

two male actors at the front of the stage

3 young female actors wearing dungarees and stripey tops

Actors in purple light

6 actors in a line leaning to the side

Club by Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre, Malta

Performers: Andrea Baldacchino, Rebecca Camilleri, Philippa Cassar, Mattea Fenech, Michaela Fenech, Rommel Grech, Justin Mamo, Antonella Mifsud, Bettina Paris, Luke Saydon, Robyn Vella, Sandie Von Brockdorff, Steffie Weenink and Leon Xuereb

Director : Denise Mulholland
Choreography: Warren Bonello
Sound recording: Matthew Muscat Drago
Costumes: Jody Magri

actors on stage with a blue background

cast grouped together with arms splayed

2 female actos one shouting in the others face

one actor doing handstand another supporting his legs

boy and girl sitting on stage facing each other

Photos by Tim Morozzo

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