The Tin Forest

male and female cast dressed in bright colours and traditional Indian dress

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Friday 25 july

Shoonya Se Shikar: A Journey of Transformation by Yuva Ekta-Youth Unite, New Delhi, India

Performers: Rijul Kataria, Shashank Angiras, Pankaj Gupta, Subhadra Kamath, Kamakshi Dadhwal, Dhananjai Dacha, Lalit Mishra, Rohit Kumar, Khursheed Ali, Rashid Khan, Rahat Islam, Gauri Saxena

Director: Puneeta Roy
Choreography: Gilles Chuyen
Set Design: Mrinalini Chawla

woman in traditional indian dress with boy in modern clothesmale and female cast dressed in bright colours and traditional Indian dress

Two female actors facing each other



Wild Men: Who Caught and Sang the Sun In Flight by Hotel Echo, Bristol

Performers: Kila Allen, Jimmy Napier, Chanelle Bernard, Frank Young, Elmi Rashid Elmi, Stanley Moore, Amy Hunter, Reginald Arnott, Esther Lawrence, Marie Dufour, Kat Stokes, Edith Young, Jamal Taylor, Wilhelm Lohbeck, Elliot Winter, John Norman, Bob Yates-Tily, Oliver Chalkley-Brown

Director/ Dramaturg: Samuel Bailey
Associate Directors: Kila Allen, Elliot Winter
Musical Director: Verity Standen
Assistant Musical Director/ Pianist: Hettie Feiler
Movement Director: Guy Remmers
Associate Movement Director/ Stage Manager: Chanelle Bernard
Set Designer: Jenny Davie
Assistant Set Designer: Lydia Harrison
Lighting Designer: Jay Costello
Associate Lighting Designer: Elmi Rashid Elmi
Sound Designer: Jamal Taylor
Marketing Officer: Kat Stokes

two actors dressed brown trousers white shirts and braces

two male and one female actor in matching trousers shirts and braces

two actors with their hands around a third actors neck

Female actor on stage with another female actor projected behind her

actors dressed in red robes

Photos by Tim Morozzo


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