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In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Monday 28 July

Fanfiction Comedy! by Fanfiction Comedy, New Zealand Performers: Eli Matthewson (Host), Steven Boyce (Critic), Heidi O’Loughlin, Joseph Moore, Edith Poor Stage Manager: Nick Gibb All content devised and written by the cast. Art Direction by Terenia Edwards. Created and produced by Heidi O’Loughlin Hiraeth by Urban Fairytale Theatre Company, Glasgow Performers: Jamie Easdon (Strength), Dionne Frati (Hope), Nikk Kay (Imagination), Dan McIntosh (Fear), […]

Commisioned Photography

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Sunday 27 July

Fragile State of Mind by Collision Performers : Aimee Alex Elizabeth Wiscombe, Cara Louse Wilson, Dominic Sabato Gallo, Erin Cadden Kirkwood, Jessica Anne Eaves, Liam George Robertson, Scott Nicol Ringan Devised and created by Collision Director: Claire Bloomfield   Somenowhere by Manifesto Jamaica Performers: Jo-Dean Tapper, Shaneil Orr, Sheldon Kelly, Renard Anderson, Renee McDonald, Paula Donaldson Co-Director and Performer: Randy McLaren Co-Director and Technical Support: Shaun Drysdale Group Leader […]

6 actors in a line leaning to the side

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Saturday 26 July

Bubble Wrap by Aberdeen Performing Arts Company Performers: Kirsty Florence, Megan Geddes, Ellie Hope, Michael Lorsong, Thea Mayeux, Calum Moore, Saileiti Songue, Maddy Stanley and Stephen Will Director: Claire Davidson Set Designer: Rachel Macallan Lighting Designer/Technician: Alan Seymour Club by Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre, Malta Performers: Andrea Baldacchino, Rebecca Camilleri, Philippa Cassar, Mattea Fenech, Michaela […]

male and female cast dressed in bright colours and traditional Indian dress

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Friday 25 july

Shoonya Se Shikar: A Journey of Transformation by Yuva Ekta-Youth Unite, New Delhi, India Performers: Rijul Kataria, Shashank Angiras, Pankaj Gupta, Subhadra Kamath, Kamakshi Dadhwal, Dhananjai Dacha, Lalit Mishra, Rohit Kumar, Khursheed Ali, Rashid Khan, Rahat Islam, Gauri Saxena Director: Puneeta Roy Choreography: Gilles Chuyen Set Design: Mrinalini Chawla Wild Men: Who Caught and Sang […]

actor wearing white and red hat

In Pictures: International Theatre Festival Performances: Thursday 24 July

A Bridge to Nowhere by Physical Theatre Scotland Performers: Calum Campbell, William Coleman, Svenja Czubayko, Raquel Grela, Mary Ann Mckelvie, Izzy Stott, Christian Smith and Marie Yan Director: Simon Abbott Dokkhina Sundari by theatrEX Bangladesh Performers: Nusrat Sarmin, Syeda Ifat Ara, Mst Mahjabin Islam, Atikur Rahman and Jumman Sadiq Writer: Shahman Moishan Director: Sudip Chakroborthy Photos […]

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